Clinton -vs- Titanic

Similarities between the Titanic video and the Clinton grand
jury testimony video:

Titanic:  $9.99 on the Internet
Clinton:  $9.99 on the Internet
Titanic: over 3 hours long
Clinton: over 3 hours long
Titanic:  The story of Jack and Rose,
their forbidden love, a subsequent catastrophe
Clinton:  The story of Bill and Monica, their forbidden love, a subsequent
Titanic:  villain - White Star Line
Clinton:  villain - Ken Starr
Titanic:  Jack is a starving artist
Clinton:  Bill is a B.S. artist
Titanic:  In one part, Jack enjoys a good
Clinton:  Ditto for Bill
Titanic:  During ordeal, Rose's dress
gets ruined
Clinton:  Ditto for Monica
Titanic:  Jack teaches Rose to spit
Clinton:  Let's not go there
Titanic:  Rose gets to keep her jewelry
Clinton:  Monica forced to return her gifts
Titanic:  Behind the scenes, Leonardo
DiCaprio is wildly popular
Clinton:  Behind the scenes, Bill has a 70% approval rating
Titanic:  Jack surrenders to an icy death
Clinton:  Bill goes home to Hillary

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