Morning at the White House

    White House staffers were
perplexed one morning to see Bill Clinton walk into the Oval Office with a pair of woman's
panties pinned to his arm. Somewhat used to the president's tendencies, they let it go and went
about their daily tasks.

    As the day wore on, several
VIPs were ushered in and out of the Oval Office for meetings with Clinton about important
affairs of the state.  Each one left with a puzzled expression on his face, but no
one dared ask the President's personal business.

    Finally, Betty Currie,
Clinton's loyal secretary walked into the office between appointments and gently closed
the door behind her.  "Mr. President," she said.

    "We've come to expect
many unusual things from you but we're all quite concerned that you seem to be wearing a
pair of woman's panties on your arm.  Please tell me this doesn't mean more

    "Oh no," the
President grinned, "it's the patch.  I'm trying to quit."

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