One day a hunter was walking...

    One day a hunter was
walking through the woods and spotted an Indian Chief being chased by a grizzly bear.
So the hunter pulled out his trusty rifle and shot the bear, saving the Indian Chief's

    The Chief invited the
hunter back to his camp to throw him one heck of a bash for saving his life. There was
plenty of food. Indians were dancing all over the place with happiness. They were smoking
the peace pipe when the Indian Chief said to the hunter, "I have a very special
surprise for you.  I've picked 500 of my prettiest Indian maidens. You look at all of
them and chose one, she will be your wife."

    With this, the Indian Chief
clapped his hands and out of several teepees emerged young beautiful Indian maidens. They
walked in front of the hunter so he could get a better view of them. The hunter noticed
that all of the maidens were topless. And with closer inspection, noticed that none had
any nipples on their breasts.

   ''Why don't any of his maidens have nipples on their breasts?''

    ''What, you've never heard of the Indian Nipple-less 500?''

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