Terrifyingly Horrible Ghost Jokes

What did the ghost shake at the party?

Her boOoOo-ty

Who was the ghosts favorite former UN Secretary General?

BoOoOo-trous BoOoOo-trous Ghali

What disease frightens ghosts the most?

BoOoOo-bonic Plague

What do ghosts use to make beef or chicken broth?

BoOoOo-llion cubes

What sound do crying ghosts make?


What was the ghosts favorite TV show?

BoOoOo-ffy the Vampire Slayer

Who was the ghosts favorite conservative intellectual?
William F. BoOoOo-ckley

What’s the difference between girl ghosts and boy ghosts?

Who was the ghost's favorite crooner?
Pat BoOoOo-ne

What sound do ghost bombs make?

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